CMI webinar: What every peacemaker needs to understand of conflicts and cyber space?

Published on Friday, 3rd of June 2022


Welcome to the CMI Webinar: What every peacemaker needs to understand of conflicts and cyber space? on June 10 at 10–11 am EEST (9–10 am CEST).

How does the world appear to peacemakers? CMI’s Peace Talks Live webinar series focuses on key global trends shaping current and potential future conflicts. The ways we meet the challenges posed by these trends will determine the future of peacemaking.

This year’s second webinar centres on the conflicts that take place in cyber space and the growing need for peacemakers to cope with them. The war in Ukraine, for instance, has shed light on new forms of cyber warfare as the country’s government has called on hackers across the world to join the digital fight against Russia.

What are the basics of cyber warfare that every peacemaker needs to know? What is the role of information security in protecting peace process from attacks? How can we know who to talk to if we don’t know who is behind a cyber war? Can a cyber conflict be ended by peace agreement? Join us in Zoom to hear more on the topic.


Janne Taalas, CEO, CMI – Martti Ahtisaari Peace Foundation

Francesca Bosco, Chief of Strategy, CyberPeace Institute

Christine Bejerasco, Chief Technology Officer, WithSecure


Aino Piirtola, Project Officer, CMI – Martti Ahtisaari Peace Foundation

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The webinar is organised in Zoom. The event will also be streamed on CMI’s YouTube channel.