Gagauzia Parliamentary Working Group continues dialogue through online platforms

Published on Friday, 22nd of May 2020

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Gagauzia Working Group has continued its work online. The group has agreed that, despite the pandemic, it is necessary to continue efforts to strengthen the dialogue and trust between Chisinau and Comrat.

The outbreak caused by the pandemic challenges humanity to be innovative, flexible, and adaptable. In light of the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic CMI’s Moldova office has continued to implement the project “Supporting Inclusive Dialogue and Strengthening Capacities for a Better Functioning Gagauz Autonomy in Moldova”, funded by SwedenTaking into account the Covid-19 restrictions CMI has continued supporting the dialogue process through the efficient use of online communication tools.

On May 12, 2020, following a number of separate online meetings, the MPs from the Moldovan Parliament and the members of the Gagauzia People’s Assembly successfully met in a new online format. The objective of the informal meeting was to elaborate a joint vision on continuation of the dialogue process and identify strategic approach to short-term and long-term priorities for the Working Group.

The Gagauzia Working Group consists of an equal number of representatives from the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova and People’s Assembly of the ATU Gagauzia. The group agreed that, despite the pandemic, it was necessary to continue efforts to strengthen the dialogue and trust between Chisinau and Comrat as well as demonstrating continued commitment to the CMI-supported dialogue process. Despite the restrictions on organizing face-to-face meetings and through the use of new virtual approaches, the processes are gradually adapting to ensure the consistency, continuity, and functionality of the Working Group.

The Gagauzia Working Group was initiated in 2015, in order to improve the functioning of the Gagauz autonomy within the constitutional framework of the Republic of Moldova, based on the Law on the special legal status of Gagauzia in 1994. Since the launch of this dialogue platform  and through CMI facilitation the working group has adopted over 40 joint decisions. One of these decisions contributed to establishment of the Agency for Regional Development of the ATU Gagauzia, and as a result the autonomy has received financial support for carrying out important development projects.