Peacetech: Is it just another buzzword?

Published on Wednesday, 12th of June 2019

This is CMI’s Peace Talks, our new podcast. In this episode, we discuss what kind of prospects technology offers for peacemaking.

With big data, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, a fast technological revolution is taking place right before our eyes. On the battlefield these new technologies paint a scary vision of the future. The world might enter the age of killer robots that would make war even more horrible.

But what if these same technologies that make war would be used to make peace? In this episode, we focus on the emerging field of peacetech. Is it just another buzzword or is technology able to overcome some of the challenges in peacemaking? 

In CMI’s Peace Talks we look at the world through the lenses of peacemaking. We have conversations with both our own and other top experts on what it takes to build lasting peace in this unstable world situation. In the wise words of our founder, Nobel Peace Laureate Martti Ahtisaari, we believe that all conflicts can be resolved. This podcast is about how to do it.


CMI’s Communications Officer Antero Karvonen, expert in peacetech.


Recorded: February 18, 2019

Edited: Antero Karvonen

Host: Antti Ämmälä

Jingle: Jukka Backlund


CMI’s Peace Talks available on: Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcasts and iTunes.