Ahtisaari Days: Raising awareness on the importance of mediation

Published on Monday, 25th of April 2016


The purpose of the Ahtisaari Days is to increase knowledge of mediation and conflict resolution at all levels of the society. The aim is to make peace work and mediation part of everyone’s daily life by treating the theme in schools, at public events and among experts. The Ahtisaari Days are held yearly in November. The Ahtisaari Days have been celebrated since 2011 and have been held in Oulu, Helsinki, Kuopio, Turku and Rovaniemi. In 2016 the Ahtisaari Day events will take place in Tampere on 10 November 2016. The Ahtisaari Days are organised by CMI with support from the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Read more about Ahtisaari Days here www.ahtisaaripaivat.fi

See the film Santa Summit, made for the Ahtisaari Days in 2015 held in Rovaniemi https://vimeo.com/148844893

See the film “Peace on Piggy Island” made by Rovio for the Ahtisaari Days in 2014: https://vimeo.com/113706495