CMI’s campaign aims to raise awareness on conflict resolution

Published on Wednesday, 19th of August 2015

The table can be modest or refined. It can stand in a basement or a banquet hall. As long as peace is made around it, peacefully. CMI is a Finnish peace broker bringing conflict parties around the same table. Join us at the Peace Table.

What do the peace treaty that officially brought an end to the Second World War in Paris 1947 and the Aceh peace accord in 2005 have in common? Both conflicts were solved around a table. “Lasting peace is not possible unless conflict parties gather around the same table and peacefully discuss joint solutions,” says Elina Lehtinen, Head of Communications and Fundraising at CMI.

CMI is an independent Finnish peace broker that has brought conflict parties around the same table for the last 15 years. Impartial conflict resolution actors such as CMI are increasingly needed in the world. Every fifth person on the planet is threatened by war and almost 60 million people have had to leave their home due to conflicts and violence.

Conflicts are resolved through negotiations

Peace mediation is an integral part of responsible foreign and security policy. Peace and stability are prerequisites for any societal development be it education, health care or economy. “Conflicts are not solved through military means. Only by inclusive, peaceful negotiations can we achieve sustainable peace,” Lehtinen emphasises.

CMI has launched a Peace Table campaign with the aim of increasing the awareness of our peace mediation work and to raise private funds. The campaign, which runs from 19 to 30 August, is supported by Finnish furniture manufacturer Isku, Danske Bank and the restaurant chain Royal Ravintolat.

Take a look at the video!

Many ways to support our work

Would you like to join us at the Peace Table and support our efforts to resolve conflicts? You can choose from one of the following ways:

  • Show us your support on social media: you can like us on Facebook and Twitter, join the conversation and share our messages with your friends by using the hashtag #peacetable
  • Donate: Even a small donation helps us to continue mediating peace in crisis zones around the world. You can donate a sum of your choice via our website or use the easy Mobile Pay app provided by CMI’s corporate partner Danske Bank (CMI’s number 040 9052819). Mobile Pay service requires both a Finnish bank account and a Finnish mobile number.
    If you have a Finnish mobile service provider, you can also donate 10 euro by sending the message CMI to the number 16499.
  • Invest in a Peace Table: Help your company to participate in peace building by investing in a Peace Table. Finnish furniture manufacturer Isku supports CMI’s work with a high-quality “Peace Table” conference table as a Peace Table. The company donates part of the profit from every sold table to CMI.

Read more about our campaign: www.cmi.fi/en/peacetable