Aiming for peace while doing business

Published on Thursday, 3rd of July 2014

Atte PalomäkiWärtsilä is committed to responsible business in cooperation with CMI.

Flashing lights, rounds of applauses and excitement in the air at the annual Finnish Sports gala. The first-ever Sports Pihlanthropist -award will be given to Kenyan Tegla Loroupe, an internationally recognised spokeswoman for peace. Atte Palomäki, Communications Director at Wärtsilä together with CMI’s Executive Director Tuija Talvitie get on the stage to present the 10,000 euro prize, sponsored by Wärtsilä, to this relentless marathon champion.

Wärtsilä’s efforts in peace-building are by no means only restricted in the sphere of sports. This internationally operating power solutions provider invests systematically in responsible business models. Wärtsilä has partnered with CMI for three years.

”Partnership with CMI concretely supports Wärtsilä’s commitment to sustainable development and responsible business,” says Palomäki. 

Will to make a difference

Every fifth person in the world suffers from the threat of a conflict. Wars lead to tremendous human suffering, paralyse the economic growth and take back decades the development of a society. Wärtsilä, a truly global company having made business with over 160 countries, wants to have an impact on this. 

”As we operate in politically unstable countries, we want to support the prevention and resolution of conflicts to ensure the safety of our staff. And once CMI succeeds in its work, it also creates business opportunities in these areas in the long run.”

Wärtsilä aims at creating sustainable solutions that improve the competitiveness of the client and reduce the strain on the environment. The values of the company are energy, excellence and excitement.

“We have the passion to do things better, and our cooperation with CMI reflects this ambition towards our staff as well,” Palomäki says enthusiastically.

Wärtsilä is CMI’s leading partner in 2014.