Conflict reduction and mitigating regional spill over

Published on Thursday, 6th of February 2014

The Syria crisis began in early 2011 as a series of popular protests against authoritarian rule in the context of the Arab Spring. It is emerging as the most serious crisis of the twenty-first century that has additionally developed into a protracted armed conflict and regional proxy war, producing growing instability in neighbouring states as well.

CMI seeks to facilitate informal dialogue among Syrians advocating a political rather than military resolution of the conflict. In addition CMI enables discussions between Syrian and relevant foreign actors, as a means of supporting the formal initiatives led by the United Nations to resolve the conflict.

CMI has also begun working with officials in neighbouring states, such as the Royal Hashemite Court in Jordan. We support them in formulating comprehensive and coordinated responses to spill-over effects of the Syrian conflict, such as the refugee crisis. CMI’s methods for risk analysis and policy formulation are applied in the support processes for neighbouring states.