As a Finnish non-profit organisation, CMI’s highest decision-making entity is the general meeting, which convenes CMI’s members (currently 113) to examine our annual financial and working plans and reports, and to select the board members. CMI’s board is ultimately responsible for our long-term strategy, significant financial decisions, the approval of new members and the appointment of the Executive Director. The board currently has eight members. CMI’s Executive Director leads our work and oversees the implementation of our strategy. A leadership team provides support in planning and decision-making.

CMI’s Leadership Team (contact info can be found here)
Hanna Klinge (acting ED), Peter Platan, Ville Brummer, Itonde Kakoma, Elina Lehtinen & Roxana Cristescu

CMI’s Board (from left). Aleksi Neuvonen, Kai Sauer, Kirsti Lintonen, Alexander Stubb (chair), Gunvor Kronman (vice-chair),  Veera Heinonen and Kari Lautjärvi. Christoph Vitzthum not pictured.

Alexander Stubb

Chair of the Board

Kari Lautjärvi
Partner, Dittmar & Indrenius
Aleksi Neuvonen
Research Director, Demos
Veera Heinonen
Director of Communications and Public Affairs, Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra
Kirsti Lintonen
Former Permanent Representative of Finland to the United Nations
Christoph Vitzthum
President and CEO of Fazer Group
Gunvor Kronman
Vice-Chair of the Board CEO, Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre
Kai Sauer
Under-Secretary of State, Foreign and Security Policy, Finnish MFA