Libyan political parties commit to cooperate for the national interest of the country

Published on Friday, 20th of April 2018

Several Libyan political parties have agreed upon key principles for political action. The Libyan Political Charter aims to establish mutually agreed set of principles for cooperation among Libyan parties across the political spectrum, in order to enable cross-party cooperation on issues of national concern.

The Charter is the result of a CMI facilitated political party dialogue initiated in August 2016, convening February 17 affiliated political parties and September 1 affiliated political movements. The Charter builds on the history of Libyans in striving to preserve the Libyan state, and on an inclusive national identity, and views the respect of human rights, freedom, and social peace as the only way to move Libya out of its current situation.

In the Charter the parties commit to democracy and peaceful alternation of power. They also place national interest and national sovereignty above all considerations. All forms of violence are renounced. The parties promise to work for the non-proliferation of weapons outside state bodies. The Charter emphasizes dialogue as a unique means to settle disputes and resolve differences between political organizations.

“What brings Libyans together is much greater than what divides them”, the charter states.

The adherents to the Charter encourage other Libyan political parties to join them and adopt the Charter. CMI will continue facilitating dialogue among Libyan political parties to ensure a greater buy-in to the principles of the Charter.

Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) is a Finnish independent conflict resolution organization, established by former Finnish President and Nobel Peace Laureate, Martti Ahtisaari.

You can read the Charter and the parties’ statement on it here in English. The news is available in Arabic here and the Charter and the parties’ statement on it here.