EU and civil society actors advance peace agenda at EU Community of Practice

Published on Tuesday, 15th of November 2022

CMI’s Chief Programme Officer Ville Brummer joined a discussion on EU peace mediation. Picture: Maria Santto / CMI

Over 760 international actors, policymakers, mediation practitioners, experts, and representatives of civil society from around the world registered to discuss peacemaking challenges at a recent hybrid event.

The fourth EU Community of Practice on Peace Mediation (CoP) took place in Brussels and online, 26-27 October. Speakers and participants discussed current challenges and opportunities for peace mediation. The event produced specific recommendations on building and strengthening partnerships for sustainable peace in an increasingly difficult international environment. The panelists and other speakers focused on new approaches to mediation and new ways of using existing mediation tools.

Head of CMI’s Brussels Office, Jibecke Jönsson, hosted a panel on inclusion in digital peacemaking. Picture: Maria Santto / CMI

The discussions enabled civil society to contribute to realising the 2020 Concept on EU Peace Mediation and the revision of the European External Action Service Peace Mediation Guidelines.

In addition to arranging the event, CMI hosted three panels with CMI colleagues and partners. The first examined psychological support and local mediation in the Ukrainian context, the second covered formal and informal dialogue in Africa, and the third discussed methods of digital inclusion in peacemaking. CMI also contributed to the EU panel discussions.

Project Manager Vasyl Belmega from CMI’s Eurasia team jjoined the panel “Psychological support and local mediation: Ukrainian synergies in response to crises” on the first day of the event. Picture: Maria Santto / CMI

The 20 panel discussions of the two-day CoP sessions were attended by an average of  60 people (25 in person and 35 online).  Interactive online whiteboards were created that featured key takeaways from each discussion. The ideas generated will be compiled into a report to be distributed within the community.

Senior Advisor to CMI, Abdeta Dribssa Beyene, participated to a panel on formal and informal dialogue in a regional setting in Africa. Picture: Maria Santto / CMI

The report and final online whiteboards will also be posted on the CoP website, together with more information about the event.

The CoP 2022 was organised by the EEAS Mediation Support Team (ISP.2.) together with Particip and CMI within the framework contract on Conflict Prevention and Mediation implemented by the Particip Consortium. The event was supported by a Steering Committee including CMI, Particip, European Peacebuilding Liaison Office (EPLO), European Institute of Peace (EiP), Conciliation Resources EU Mediateur and ERMES III – European Resources for Mediation Support (ERMES).

Isabella Björkman / CMI