How spiking food prices could increase instability in the Middle East and North Africa?

Published on Thursday, 7th of April 2022

 In this episode of CMI’s Peace Talks, we discuss the links between food security and conflicts as the war in Ukraine is pushing up prices in the Middle East and North Africa.

Global food prices are spiking due to the war in Ukraine. There are growing fears that this could destabilise countries in the Middle East and North Africa, recalling how food price hikes played a role in Arab Spring uprisings a decade ago.

What are the links between food security and conflicts? How could countries in the Mena region become more resilient to shocks, such as the war we’re now witnessing? These are some of the questions we’ll be discussing in this episode of CMI’s Peace Talks.

In CMI’s Peace Talks we look at the world through peacemaking lenses. We have conversations with both our own and other top experts on what it takes to build lasting peace amidst the volatile world situation. In the wise words of our founder, Nobel Peace Laureate Martti Ahtisaari, we believe that all conflicts can be resolved. This podcast is about how to do it.


Wolfgang Mühlberger, CMI’s Senior Advisor for the Middle East and North Africa; Heidi Olli, Partnerships Officer at the World Food Programme.


Recorded: March 24, 2022

Edited: CMI’s Communications Officer Maria Santto

Host: CMI’s Head of Communications Antti Ämmälä

Jingle: Jukka Backlund


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