Better peacemakers, better peace processes and better ways of building peace – Our 2018 Annual Report is out now

Published on Friday, 12th of April 2019

In 2018, CMI made 28 contributions to peace. Our work resulted in better peacemakers, better peace processes and better ways of building peace.

These context-defined results reflect CMI’s understanding of how well-designed interventions, locally owned solutions and a longer-term approach can either resolve blocks or ameliorate critical components of peace processes.

In 2018, we were involved in 9 peace processes in 10 countries, with a total of 16 projects around the world. Our work directly involved over 7000 beneficiaries in conflict areas.

The nature and exact composition of the beneficiaries of our work varies, but what unifies them is their potential and position to be change-makers for conflict resolution. Our work is intended to develop their capacities, knowledge and networks, in the long term enabling them to be more effective and productive in conflict resolution.

Over the year CMI received a steady stream of requests for new or expanded cooperation on a variety of issues. Most requests come from existing projects, from either local stakeholders or international partners. This is a strong affirmation of the credibility of and trust in CMI’s work.

Read more in the Annual Report.