The annual report captures our success

Published on Friday, 6th of April 2018

In 2017, CMI strengthened its position as a leader in the field of conflict resolution. Our success is reflected in our annual report, which was published today. The report was presented to our members at the annual spring meeting.CMI’s strength is our ability to complement official and unofficial peace processes and actors. In 2017, we were involved in 11 peace processes in 12 countries, with a total of 16 projects around the world. Our work had over 7,500 direct beneficiaries. There was an increase in the number of requests for CMI to convene, advise and support global peacemaking efforts.

As the new chair of the board of CMI, Alexander Stubb, puts it, “this is an impressive record of CMI’s efforts and progress. CMI stands out for its work as a peace mediator”.

The nature and exact composition of the beneficiaries of our work varies, but what unifies them is their potential and position to be change-makers for conflict resolution. Our work is intended to develop their capacities, knowledge and networks, in the long term enabling them to be more effective and productive in conflict resolution.

Download the annual report here.