Annual Report published: CMI’s approach to peacemaking paid off in 2016

Published on Thursday, 18th of May 2017


Year 2016 highlighted the growing need for agile and independent peace mediation actors such as CMI.

The world lives in a time of more uncertainty than perhaps ever before. If unpredictability dominates the open and democratic societies, these trends have even greater effects in fragile and conflict-hit countries. In the field of peace mediation there is an urgent and growing need for agile, low-key, independent actors offering solid conflict analysis, broad networks and access, and extensive experience.

CMI’s core principles such as local ownership, inclusion, complementarity, long-term commitment, and the idea that preventing and resolving conflicts before they escalate into full-scale violence are key to navigating these uncertain waters. In 2016, this was highlighted by our work in Libya, Iraq, Gagauzia, and with the African Peace and Security Architecture. Read more by downloading the full annual report below:

Download the full report.