Foreword from the Chairman in our latest Annual Report

Published on Monday, 6th of June 2016

Photo: Tuukka Koski

WE LIVE IN A TIME of intense global change, much of which, sadly, is not for the better. Despite this, like all good optimists I believe that peaceful and positive transformation is possible. It is a question of finding the right combination of political expertise and will. The latter is too often missing among leaders, as their attention spans tend to reach only as far as the next election or quarterly report.

True leadership is difficult, but where it succeeds, it does so because it rests on a solid belief in both the necessity and the possibility of change. It is the big picture that matters; and the ability to see it, and to sustain one’s vision of it against the odds, demands a certain kind of courage, the kind that comes with sound moral conviction.

There are many unsolved conflicts that need our moral courage and immediate action. As we well know, violence and instability breed all that is worst in human nature and human existence – further violence, terrorism, refugee flows, poverty, and more. In this light, it is clear that solving conflict wherever it occurs is, or should be, our first priority.

And solving conflict is what CMI does best. I am genuinely proud of all the CMI professionals who work hard to support peace processes around the world.

“Founding CMI has been one of my life’s wisest decisions.”

Founding CMI has been one of my life’s wisest decisions. It requires a variety of skills to be a peacemaker. It suits a person like myself very well, since I enjoy being faced with a wide range of challenges, and I’m often regarded as an odd jobs man. Peacemaking is most certainly challenging, but one is never alone – it is team work through and through, and requires bold and committed people who take risks and excel themselves for a greater good. This is what CMI is about.

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