CMI has a new look and new website

Published on Wednesday, 11th of May 2016



CMI’s new website was launched in early May 2016. This clearer and user-friendlier version is tailored to mobile devices as well.

What should the website of a conflict-solving and mediation organisation look like? What contribution does the look of our brand make to our work for peace? These and related questions have been pondered over at CMI for some months, since we have been in the midst of re-portraying ourselves.

The new site replaces the version that was created way back in 2008, when the use of the internet was quite different. CMI has also changed, and grown, and nowadays it has a sharper focus on conflict resolution than before. According to Communications and Fundraising Manager Laura Seppälä: “We wanted to make the site current and easy to navigate. And we wanted to put a greater focus on our internationally acclaimed team of experts and on the nature of the work we do.”

The website and new look of the CMI brand are the work of Miltton Creative. “We aimed to create a user-friendly and up-to-date site that is both informative and visually pleasing to users on all sorts of devices. We went for a solution that will remain fresh for a good while to come,” explains Miltton Creative’s creative director Jenni Valtiala.

The changes included a revamped CMI logo and new, clearer and more media-flexible typography. Add in a refreshed and enriched colour palette, and the visual overhaul was complete. “A restrained but positive spectrum of broken colours puts across the nature of our work well. We work patiently, independently and over the long term with all sides, out of the spotlight,” Seppälä explains.

The technical execution of the website was handled by Esmes. The Finnish-language version of the site will be unveiled later this year.

For more information, please contact:

CMI (Crisis Management Initiative)

Miltton Creative