CMI’s high-level Ukrainian dialogue group meets in London and Edinburgh

Published on Monday, 13th of July 2015

In continuation of CMI’s work in Ukraine, on 21-25 June 2015, CMI has held its latest high-level event for Ukrainian political actors and intellectual leaders, who met in London and Scotland.

The dialogue group involved in the long term dialogue process supported by CMI includes decision-makers, Members of Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) and intellectual leaders, who together represent a broad spectrum of political views and opinions from different parts of the country, including Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

During the visit to London and Scotland high-level experts explored in-depth the devolution of power to the local level. In London the group met the leadership of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and learned how institutional and legal arrangements work in practice and how devolution is seen from the central level.

In Edinburgh members of the group met with current and former leadership of Scotland, had an in-depth look into institutional arrangements, the professional civil service, Scottish National, Liberal Democrat and Labour parties’ policies. The group also looked into the court system in conditions of devolution, the education system and the economic and banking system.

Interactions with top-level colleagues in London and Edinburgh were combined with internal Ukrainian dialogue sessions. Ukrainian dialogue participants continued focusing during their internal discussions on ways forward out of the current crisis in Ukraine.

This event has been organised with funding from the British Embassy Kyiv, UK Conflict Pool Peacebuilding Projects in Ukraine 2014-2015 and with organisational support from the Causeway Institute for Peace-building and Conflict Resolution International.