CMI holds consultations in the Donetsk region

Published on Sunday, 17th of May 2015

In continuation of CMI’s work in Ukraine, on 16-18 May 2015, we are organising consultations with stakeholders in Donetsk region. Taking part in the consultations are current and former representatives of regional and local authorities, NGOs, civic activists, business people and religious leadership from Donetsk region.

The agenda of the consultation visit is focused on the needs and challenges of residents of Donetsk region, including IDPs, with respect to the ongoing conflict, as well as possibilities for dialogue and reconciliation. Taking part in the visit from Kyiv are members of the Ukrainian high-level dialogue group that operates under CMI’s auspices and which includes Members of the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) and intellectual leaders, who together represent a broad spectrum of political views and opinions in different parts of the country.

These events are organised with funding from the British Embassy in Kyiv, UK Conflict Pool Peacebuilding projects in Ukraine 2014-2015.