Ahtisaari Day international seminar focused on new dynamics in European politics and security

Published on Tuesday, 11th of November 2014

International experts gathered at a high-level seminar on 11 November to discuss the key political, security and financial issues facing Europe at the moment, as well as the consequences of dwindling natural resources. The renowned keynote speakers included Emma Bonino, former Italian Foreign Minister, Russian history professor Robert Service, and chief United Nations Environment Programme scientist Jacqueline McGlade.


The questions tackled during the expert’s speeches and in their joint panel discussions included: How have the worsening economic situation and the changing security paradigm affected Europe? What are the consequences of the conflict in Ukraine and the energy-related tensions? How does the legacy of the Cold War still affect us?  

The seminar, which attracted an audience of over 400, was organised by CMI and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra as part of the annual Ahtisaari Days. President Martti Ahtisaari, CMI’s Chairman of the Board, naturally opened the seminar.