CMI newsletter: Margaret Vogt discusses the role of women in peacemaking and the nightmarish situation in the Central African Republic

Published on Monday, 30th of June 2014

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Leading UN mediator Margaret Vogt: Women can change the dynamics of peace processes
Madame Margaret Vogt, a veteran UN mediator and Nigerian diplomat, believes that women can change the dynamics of peace processes if they are able to claim the space to do so. Ms Vogt attended a high-level seminar on gender and inclusion in Finland in May and spoke to us about her views on women’s role in peace processes and the severe crisis in the Central African Republic that she refers to as a “nightmare scenario”. 

High-level peace envoys engage on gender-sensitive mediation in Finland
Women are critically underrepresented at the peace tables where crucial decisions about the future are made. To improve the situation, CMI currently supports increased capacities in gender-sensitive and inclusive mediation among key UN envoys and mediators, together with the Peace Research Institute in Oslo and the United Nations Department of Political Affairs. The third seminar was held on 13-15 May in the Finnish countryside. It gathered such prominent participants as Ms Margaret Vogt, Mr Mokhtar Lamani, Ms Astrid Thors and Ms Aisha Abdullahi.
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CMI’s new Head of Sub-Saharan Africa emphasises the importance of regional dynamics and neglected conflictsItonde

“A serious challenge for our field is to embark upon the prevention of violent conflicts, not only the management of ongoing crises,” says CMI’s newly appointed Head of Sub-Saharan Africa, Mr Itonde Kakoma. Bringing with him significant peacebuilding expertise from the continent, Itonde believes multiple perspectives are needed to solve complex conflicts. 




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