CMI’s specialist: Women must be involved in peacemaking

Published on Saturday, 8th of March 2014

antonia”Women must be heard in peace processes”, says Antonia Potter Prentice, CMI’s specialist in gender and inclusion, in an interview published today in Finland’s largest national newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat.

On this International Women’s Day, CMI calls for the recognition of women in peace processes. CMI actively works to support a stronger role for women in peace processes and better overall capacities in gender-sensitive mediation.

Research and practice have shown that peace is most sustainable when it has been built in an inclusive way with all of society. Although the international community has for many years prioritised the inclusion of women in peace processes and the necessity to recognise their needs in these efforts, practical results remain few.

CMI currently supports increased capacities in gender-sensitive and inclusive mediation among close to 150 key UN envoys and mediators, together with the Peace Research Institute in Oslo and the UN Department of Political Affairs. We will be hosting six high-level seminars on these issues in Finland and Norway between 2013-2015. The next such event is held on 13-15 May in Finland.

Read the full interview with Antonia Potter Prentice here (in Finnish)