Fostering dialogue on natural resource management

Published on Friday, 7th of February 2014

After more than 40 years of dictatorship, Libya is in the process of democratization and of drafting a new constitution that will shape the future Libyan state and governance model. The constitutional drafting process starting this year will have to meet high public expectations concerning wealth distribution, access to goods and services and ethnic minorities’ civil rights. For Libya’s new political order to succeed, the constitution drafting process needs to be inclusive.

In support of the constitutional process, CMI facilitates an informal supportive dialogue with key actors to forge a consensus on principles pertaining to the management of natural resources. The draft guiding principles will be submitted to the constitution drafting committee once elected. The natural resources management theme also enables us to address a number of other key issues, such as the civil rights of ethnic minorities (e.g. the Tebous and the Tuaregs), local governance, and regional relations in the new Libya.