Moroccan youth employability tackled in a two-day forum in Rabat

Published on Wednesday, 15th of January 2014

The youth unemployment rate in Morocco is at alarmingly high levels. As around 30% of the country’s population is between the ages of 15 and 29, the lack of employment among young people is currently one of the most critical issues in the society. CMI, together with the Mohamed V University of Souissi addressed the issue of youth employability in Morocco in a two-day forum which was held in December in the city of Rabat. 

Over 130 participants attended the forum which set a platform for mapping out national youth employability policies and their conformity to Morocco’s international commitments as well as labor legislation. The socio-economic and legal angles were in focus during the forum.

The key issue that emerged from the interactive sessions was that youth in Morocco are confronted with less quality jobs as first-time job seekers. What we are seeing is a result of a combination of factors: the retrenchment of public sector employment, the lacking coordination of public policies on youth employability, the public education system’s impact on graduates’ skills and the decline in expectations for getting quality jobs.    

Marocco Leila                              CMI’s Project Manager Leila Hanafi (left) at the forum on youth employability in Morocco.

Important to continue dialogue between authorities and youth

One of the important recommendations that resulted in the forum was the importance of continuing dialogue with key national authorities and young people in constructive spaces, such as universities, to enable a demand-driven approach in hearing the concerns of university graduates in all parts of Morocco. Also reviewing national laws to tackle legal loopholes that exclude the voices of youth from policy and decision-making processes was considered as critical.  

The forum was well-received and attended by youth civil society organisations, academics, international organisations, syndicates, policy makers and the private sector. The event “Stocktaking of youth employability in Morocco: Enhancing the socio-economic and legal policy framework“ was held on 6-7 December 2013.


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