Collaboration to advance peace globally

CMI work’s to prevent and resolve conflicts in the world’s most troubled areas. The perception that conflicts are local is an illusion – in today’s deeply interconnected global world, the consequences of war and armed conflict spreads across borders and crosses continents, affecting people, human development and the economy throughout the world.

Conflict resolution is always the most cost-efficient option to bring violent conflicts to an end; it can bring great dividends on a very modest financial investment. The costs of wars are invariably in the billions of dollars, whereas negotiated solutions rarely require more than hundreds of thousands of dollars. Peace and stability are vital for social development and wellbeing, and for the economic growth and international trade and investments that secure these social goods.

One of the greatest assets in CMI’s work is impartiality, which cannot be achieved without
private funding. Private funds are essential to be able to quickly react to emerging or suddenly escalating conflicts.

By working in partnership with CMI, companies in the private sector can have an impact .

CMI builds mutually-beneficial partnerships with companies that share our vision that all conflicts can be resolved. Our partnership model has three levels: leading partners, partners, and pro-bono partners. Pro bono support continues to be an important part of CMI’s corporate partnership model.

Get Your Company Involved

To discuss our corporate partnership options,
please contact CMI’s Private Fundraising Manager Jenni Koistinen:
jenni.koistinen(a)cmi.fi, tel. +358 40 7099739

Read more about CMI’s funding here.

We handle and store some personal information associated with our partner organisations. You will find our data protection notice here.

Main Partners



Algol, B2B Solutions,  City of Jyväskylä, Esmes, Iittala Group, Kone, Kusinkapital, Studio Kaarre, Tekir, Welldone L.R.


Read what some of our donors have to say
about their experience with us:

“As a truly global company Wärtsilä sometimes operates in politically unstable areas. Although our area of expertise is in building basic infrastructure, we also want to support stability and peace. It is very important for us to see the good that comes from CMI’s work at resolving conflicts.”
- Jaakko Eskola, President & CEO, Wärtsilä Corporation
“At Dittmar & Indrenius we are proud to support CMI’s valuable work and exceptionally professional staff. CMI builds peace, trust and equality globally which also contributes to sustainable economic development. CMI is a natural partner for corporations that uphold their social responsibilities.”
- Kari Lautjärvi, Partner, Dittmar & Indrenius